Brandi Hart is an 18 year old girl from Boca Raton, Florida, and is here with Nathan George


Brandi Hart - when this name comes to mind, people around her picture a cheery, fun-loving and peppy girl with flowing red hair. She’s always been favored in her school years by many and rarely ever had any enemies, or got into arguments. She’s a peacemaker, for the most part. Her family wasn’t rich, but she wasn’t poor, having a fairly nice childhood. She loves to sing and act, and one of her dreams is to go all around the world, because she’s always craving new adventures and she just wants to get out there. When she had gotten the opportunity to travel a bit with her Aunt, she couldn’t pass the chance, so off to the UK she went! Her first stop had been Cheshire, and that’s where she ran into Nathan. He offered to help and show them around so they wouldn’t get lost, and the two ended up bonding through the experience, and one thing led to another, and soon they ended up dating. It lasted about a year and a half, until the distance of the relationship got to the both of them and they called it quits, though they still hold feelings for each other and stay in touch - talking every day and skyping a lot. 


Brandi is a cheery, loving, and caring girl. She looks for the positives in people and ignores the negatives, and likes to enjoy her life, living every minute up. She’s often called the sunshine in a person’s day, and is rather pleased with the nickname. 

"Brandi, what’s your favorite thing about Nathan?"

"My favorite thing? Have you seen his hair? ..Hah, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Well, I do love his hair, but that’s not my favorite thing about him! He’s so perfect, it’s actually kind of hard to decide what my favorite thing would be..perhaps the way he treats people. He’s not a complete ass, he’s charming and caring and gentle, everything a girl would want. He’s You have to meet him if you haven’t, really." 

Brandi Hart is portrayed by Ariana Grande, and unfortunately, she is UNAVAILABLE

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